What happens on the day?

The day begins with all entrants checking-in, where you will pick up your Colorvibe pack, which contains your t-shirt, headband and packet of coloured powder. Before the run, 80s style aerobics will be lead by an instructor to warm everyone up. The run will then begin in waves, you will get told which wave you are in when signing in. The run will go around the Lakeside Park venue where you will get blasted with colours in our colour zones.

What should I wear?

In your Colorvibe pack you will be receiving a white Colorvibe shirt that you can wear on the day. We encourage everyone to wear whatever they are comfortable in but white is the best shade to make the colour powders pop! Comfortable enclosed shoes are best as you are still participating in a fun run!

Is the race timed?

Colorvibe is not timed, purely because it is a fun run for all athletic abilities to get involved in. You can run, jog or walk the course and still have the same amount of fun as everyone else. This event is also a good way to see if you would like to participate in other running events such as 10k runs and marathons.

Are kids allowed?

We encourage everyone of all ages to participate in Colorvibe. Kids must be accompanied by an adult, just to make sure they don’t get lost. Children 4 and under are free to enter!

Do I have to run the whole course?

No one is obligated to run the whole course, or even run the course. There will be many other people who aren’t running therefore you can go through the course at your own pace and enjoy yourself.

Will the colour stain my clothes?

The colour shouldn’t stain as it is in a powder form, however we would encourage you to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little colourful just in case. We would also advise to bring a towel or plastic bags to sit on for your drive home. If some does get in your car accidentally, it can easily be vacuumed or dusted away.